Strengthening the Visibility of the Malteser Organizations in Central and Eastern Europe

Albanian Organization of the Order of Malta is an experienced organization in realizing Health/Sensitization Education projects in Northern region of Albania. As a continuity of educational activities organized by Albanian Organization of the Order of Malta, and according to the agreement with RENOVABIS we started a project consisting in First Aid Training courses for students in four 9-year and one high schools in Shkodra. 
Aim of the project is to inform youngsters on the importance of the First Aid subjects and to attract young people in volunteering for the people in need and other activities of Malteser Albania.

The activities held in the first phase followed these activities: November - February 2018 was the period of students’ training in three 9-year schools in Shkodra region. 22 students from each school participated in each First Aid training. They took part in eight hours of training and in the practical final exam. The students are capable in providing basic first-aid to victims of accidents, thus stabilizing their health status until medical personnel arrives.

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