270 persons were trained in the First Aid Course, offered by the Albanian Organization of the Order of Malta

Albanian Organization of the Order of Malta is an experienced organization in realizing Health/Sensitization Education projects in Northern region of Albania. As a continuity of educational activities organized by Albanian Organization of the Order of Malta are realized First Aid Training courses.

These trainings are realized with: 

- Staff members of some organizations and institutions in Shkodra

- Members of Malteser Albania Staff

- Malteser Albania volunteers

- Rapid Intervention Team members 

- Students of Nursing Faculty

- Children from Afterschool program

The trainings were held during the period 30 October – 15 November 2018. All participants took part in eight hours of training and in the practical final exam. Each of them is capable in providing basic first-aid to victims of accidents, thus stabilizing their health status until medical personnel arrives.

There were about 270persons participating in this course who, at the end of the training were delivered a certificate. The training was conducted by two trainers, Mr. Florian Matuschowitz , volunteer from the MalteserHilfsdienst Organization and Mr. Gregorio Barberi volunteer of the Albanian Organization of the Order of Malta.

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