Civil Protection

Since 1999 Malteser Albania has paid a great attention in creating specialized civil protection structures, in order to be able to carry out tasks of different difficulty levels and situations. As a member of the Committee for Civil Protection in the Region of Shkodra, Malteser Albania is engaged in fulfilling different tasks, where the local, regional and central authorities find professionalism, good organization and flexibility too. The Malteser Rapid Intervention Team is made up of 10 persons (nurses and paramedics) serving in Civil Protection 24 hours a day. Malteser Albania has given a great attention creating links and collaborating with authorities and NGO-s. It has been elected as a member of the Civil Protection Committee at the Prefecture level in Shkodra and its branches.
During winter, Malteser Rapid Intervention Team has been in action during the Flood Emergency in assisting the flooded inhabitants of villages and suburbs of Shkodra with food, materials, medical assistance, etc.

Seeing the difficulties the population in some areas face during winter time with floods, since summer 2011 ongoing, Malteser Albania has organized an awareness campaign for measures to be taken by the inhabitants in case of flooding. This awareness campaign had been also supported from the specialists of directorate of Public Health of Shkodra region. There have been organized informative meetings about flood emergency in 10 schools, 8 Health Centers of the city and affected villages. Malteser Albania has published three types of information leaflets, distributed 3000 leaflets and around 900 people have been trained. Through these informative meetings our Malteser volunteers aimed to raise awareness of these communities for such situations.

The publishing of the leaflets was financially supported by Malteser Hospitaldienst Austria through a cooperation with the Embassy of the Order of Malta in Albania and the former Ambassador of the Order in Albania, Prof. Günther A. Granser. Here follow the leaflets:









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